Esmae’s Friends At Day Care

Apr 24, 2018

Let me tell you a little bit about my “Day-care gang!”

Every week day morning I get dropped off at my day-care to spend the day with my gang (I get to hang out with mum and dad on the weekends).

As I am usually the first one dropped off I get to walk around to the other houses and collect the other dogs. We get to spend the morning in the park, which I love especially when it comes time for throwing the ball. I must admit I am not the best at it because after all I am the smallest in the group, however I do know that our walker often helps me to win every now and then. Axel is usually the quickest and when all the Collies are there I have no chance at all. We run around for a couple of hours before heading back to day-care for a nap. I usually share a bed with either Alfie or Cozmo it just depends on who is at care that day. My best friend Treacle comes every now and then, she looks after my like I am her own. Treacle just loves Esmae’s Pantry Peanut Butter Brownie treats, she would actually eat the whole box if her dad let her! All my friends love it when mum drops off some treats, especially the liver treats, we all get so excited.

My afternoons usually involve me snoring my head off and often my mum is sent a video of how loud I am snoring! A girl needs her rest!

I love being with my day-care friends, we all love spending time together. I can get a little bossy with them all but I have to keep them all in line, don’t I?

Mum comes to collect me after work and sometimes if I am lucky Dad will collect me and we get to run home via the Parkland Walk. I really do have a good life.

Love Esmae xx

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